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2020 Taipei International Water Environment Forum has successfully finished on the 25th September.[2020/10/18]
2020Taipei International Water Environment Forum started on 23rd September[2020/10/8]
TIWEF responds to the new crown epidemic, the exhibition adopts an online format[2020/8/13]

Join us in Taipei! See you in...












Mr. Leszek Drogosz
Infrastructure Department Deputy Director
Warsaw, Poland

Dr. Fons Nelen
Nelen & Schuurmans CEO
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Mr. Yoshinari Nakajima
Japan Sewage Works Association Deputy Director General
Tokyo, Japan

Mr. Yosuke Matsumiya
Japan Sewage Works Association Director, International Division
Tokyo, Japan

Mr. Hyung Woo Kim
Department of Water Circulation Policy, Environment Ecology Bureau Manager
Gwangju, South Korea

Mr. Johan Remijn
Regional Water Authority of Rijnland Process manager
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ching-Tzone Tien
Department of the Environment Deputy Program Manager
USA Maryland

Mr. Jae-Keom Kim
Water Circulation Policy Division Director
Seoul, Korea

Mr. Mark Pascoe
IWC (International Water Centre) CEO
Queensland, Australia

Mr. Yechezkel Lifshitz
Israel Ministry of Water Resources Acting Director General
Jerusalem, Israel

Dr. Kikuo INABA
Osaka University of Economics Prof. Emeritus

Shu ching, Teng
Taiwan Tomo no Kai Secretary-General

Mr. Sean Rush
Wellington City Council City Councillor
Wellington, New Zealand

Mr. Patrick Hafenstein
Queensland Trade and Investment Commissioner
Queensland, Australia

Mr. Teerapat Tangpraprutgul
Bangkok, Thailand Drainage and Sewerage Department Public-Works Engineer
Bangkok, Thailand




Tsang-Jung, Chang Professor
National Taiwan University

Chi-Ming-Peng CEO
WeatherRisk Explore Inc.

Jen-Yang, Lin Professor
National Taipei University of Technology

Shaohua Marko Hsu Professor
Feng Chia University

Cheng Chen, Kuo Director
Hydraulic Engineering Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government

Pen-Chi Chiang Distinguished Professor
National Taiwan University


Chih-Feng Lin Commissioner
Taipei City Government Public Works Department

Yuan-Ching, Kuo Senior Project Engineer
CECI Engineering Consultants, Inc., Taiwan

Chao Ming, Wang Department manager
Sinotech Engineering Services, LTD.

Frankie Chen Deputy Commissioner
Taipei Water Department

Kun Hu, Lin Director
Sewerage Systems Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government

K.C. Hsieh Associate Chief Engineer
CTCI Corporation


Su-Pai, Kao Hydraulic Engineer
T.Y.Lin International Taiwan

Po-Hung, Liu Founder
Classic Design and Planning Co., Ltd.

Chia Hsien, Lu Chief
Taipei city fire department

Chiou-Shiang, Wu Deputy Director
Hydraulic Engineering Office

Chien-hsien, Lee Director
Department for the Promotion of Private Participation

Shan-Shan, Chou Secretary General
Water Affairs Organization, Taiwan

Ko-Hsin Luo, Senior Engineer
Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration

Chin-ling, Huang Executive Engineer
Taipei Water Department

Kai-Yao Chang Chief Engineer
Hydraulic Engineering Office, Public Works Department

Chien-Chun,Wu Chief Engineer
Geotechnical Engineering Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government

Ming-Shen Chan, Chief Secretary
Department of Urban Development, Taipei City Government

Huei Mei, Liu Principal
Ying-Qiao Elementary School




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Sponge City

With the three visions of "Resilience and Adaptation", "Sustainable Water Usage", and "Vibrant Water Environment", Taipei has developed a safe, sustainable, water-friendly, and ecological blueprint for its Water Environment. It has also established six goals, which are "Restoring Urban Water Cycle", "Increasing Flood-Resisting Capacity", "Diverse Water Reuse Sources", "Stable and Efficient Water Supply", "Livable Natural Habitat" and "Promoting Waterfront Activities ". Through various engineering and management approaches, Taipei has devoted its self on constructing permeable pavements for roads and squares, increasing the ratio of green cover, promoting the idea of green roofs, improving water holdup and retention capacity, upgrading sewage treatment, diversify the reclaimed water utilization, restoring water habitat, and creating waterfront recreational environment. By doing so, Taipei will have the ability of water infiltration and retention which allows transpiration and regulation of the urban microclimate. Thus, it will have sufficient carrying capacity and resilience while facing extreme rainfall. By this to create a resilient Taipei sponge city which can respond to the future challenges.


Exhibition Topics



Exhibition Topics

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Public Works Department, Taipei City Government:
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