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A Journey Around Garden City – Zixing Farm

Between the launch of the Taipei Garden City Plan in 2015 and July 15, 2020, there are a total of 739 pastoral site have been completed . These includ Zixing Farm in Neihu, which is established under the plan in 2015 then obtained participatory budget funding in 2016. After the farm is selected as a model garden for a green community, Zixing Village chief take over maintenance and management. The chief and community residents work hard to obtain adjacent land in order to increase the area of the pastoral site.

Years of toil by the Zixing village chief, community residents, and volunteers gradually turn this piece of undesirable, undeveloped land into an attractive “Version 2.0” urban farm. It is now a popular place for families to visit and a destination for kindergarten teachers to take their classes to learn about plants. Community residents who frequent the farm build friendships and share stories, letting more people experience the joys of being an urban farmer. The farm strengthens green education and community spirit while promoting urban ecology and food safety.

Volunteers visit a horse ranch in Beitou to acquire manure, which they use in place of fertilizer. The loose soil contribute to the cultivation of plump, natural fruits that are toxin-free and grown without any additional costs. The pastoral site also increases the city’s green coverage rate. By providing a channel for the earth to absorb rainwater, it reduces the possibility of flooding and supports urban disaster prevention. 

Figure 1 Children learn about agriculture during a field trip to Zixing Farm

Figure 2 Volunteers and teachers explain the meaning of seasonal fruits and vegetables to the children

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