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Sewerage System

What is sewerage?

Sewerage is used to collect family sewage, including the dirty water made from toilets, bathrooms, kitchens and floor washing, and sewage discharged from factories and restaurants, etc., which is collected through a closed trench system and transported to the sewage treatment plant to be treated and sterilized, and discharged; the closed trench system is called the sewerage.

The  sewerage  system  includes  the  main  pipelines,  sub-pipelines, branch pipeline network, branch pipelines and user drainage equipment, used to collect the user-discharged sewage and send it to the sewage treatment plant. After treatment, the treated sewage is discharged to river or recycled for reuse as a renewable water resource that can be sustainably recycled.

Since 1975, Taipei City has been actively constructing sewerage to effectively  treat  sewage  and  wastewater,  which  not  only  improves residential hygiene and environmental quality, but also upgrades the City's international image. Up to end of June, 2020, the sewage-drain connecting amount under Taipei City addresses have reached 79.61%.

Where does the sewage flow to?

The flow direction of sewage :

The domestic sewage → user sewage-drain pipeline → branch pipeline network → main pipeline → sewage treatment plant → discharge in compliance with the effluent discharge standard

Author:Sewerage Systems Office, Public Works Department


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