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Important Message

Summer Vacation is ending on Aug. 30 Join us to watch performance of theater and Band

The Weekend Events of 2020 Taipei Aqua-Friendly Festival have not been discontinued. In meeting with the ending of Summer Vacation of students, Taipei Water Department works with Taipei Motor Vehicle Office and has invited Paper Windmill Troupe
and The Ensemble Cantabile Trombonissimo to perform at 9:30 am, Aug. 30 and there will be digital service in a Mobile MVO Car, so that parents can learn things above road safety with their children while watching performance of band and troupe and water games.

According to Taipei Water Department, in addition to the Water Game Pond that covered 768 square meters in Water Country Gar den, he Water Park has Water Museum with 100-year history and Guangyinshan Reservoir and the exhibition at the entrance is also very attractive. What are showing this time include the brand new Mobile MVO Car of Highway Bureau, at site, there are many traffic safety experiencing activity, such as 3DDrunk Drive Glasses, gimmick of safe riding of bicycle, in addition to MVO services. The first 30 kids finishing the games will be presented with fine gift and will have the chance of putting on uniform of inspector to experience the job of inspector and to act as little MV men. Visitors are advised to come to kill the torching sun and experience unusual MVO services.

Author:Taipei Water Department


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