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2020Taipei International Water Environment Forum started on 23rd September

In order to improve Taipei City’s ability to adapt to extreme water environment and further increase the development of Sponge City, Taipei City government held the 2020 Taipei International Water Environment Forum (2020TIWEF) from 23rd September to 25th September. This Forum is co-hosted by the Taipei City government and Water Resource Agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs during the Taiwan International Water Week (TIWW). In response to the pandemic, foreign speakers gave the pre-recorded speeches, and participate in livestream online discussion. In addition, the official website also displays the achievements and goals of Taipei City government. 

The opening ceremony of the 2020TIWEF was on the 23rd September. 24th and the 25th September were the actual forum where our speakers discussed the three main visions of the Sponge City. The three main visions are “Resilience and Adaptation”, “Sustainable Water Usage” and “Vibrant Water Environment”. We invited 15 experts and scholars from 12 cities in 9 different countries including the United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Netherlands, Poland and Thailand to participating in sharing the results and experiences of water environmental governance.

Considering that the influence of Covid-19 has not slowed down, according to the regulation of the Central Epidemic Command Centre (CECC) of Taiwan and the Taipei City government. We decided to ask the foreign speakers to give the speeches by pre-recording the speeches and invited them to participate in online meetings. All the participants who attended the Forum in person wore masks and have their information provided. In addition, on our official website ( we have displayed the achievements and visions of Taipei City. Everyone is welcome to visit our website. 

It is hoped that through this forum, we can exchange our policies of urban water environment with all the international experts. We also expect to have a better understanding of international water environment trends and developments so that we can handle situations better when encountering similar events. Through this forum, we can be more environmental-friendly, use our resources more sustainably, and adjust our lives more resiliently. We can build a liveable city that effectively responds to climate change. 

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