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2020 Taipei International Water Environment Forum has successfully finished on the 25th September.

For the first time, the Taipei City government and the Water Resources Agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs co-hosted the “Water Culture in New Era” in Taiwan International Water Week. The forum kicked off by the “Water Leaders Summit” and attracted more than 600 representatives of industry, government, academics, and research who are concerned about water culture issues. International experts exchanged information and experience with Taiwanese speakers through online live stream meetings. This allowed the world to see the energy of Taiwan’s water environment and to gather opinions from all experts. Continued to share Taipei’s experience in promoting Sponge City. 

The 3-day “Water Culture in New Era” covered a series of 15 forums on the theme of environment, city, industry, and culture. The “2020 Taipei International Water Environment Forum” is divided into 3 major visions of Sponge City. More than 300 people participated in the forum. In addition to 12 speakers who gave the speech in person, there were 15 foreign experts and scholars from 12 cities in 9 different countries. They were invited to participated in sharing the achievements and experiences of water environment governance in various countries. Including Japan’s urban flood control and Japan’s participation in the construction of the Taipei Waterway, South Korea’s urban water cycle, the response to extreme climate in the Netherlands, Poland’s disaster challenges, Australia’s drought and flood control experience, riverside cities, Israel waster economy, U.S. sustainable water resources, New Zealand water Relations with people, experience in promoting the Sponge City. We also invited representative from Thailand to attend the online discussion. Through sharing the experience and achievements, we reached consensus to promote mutual strategies.

In addition to the brilliant speeches by scholars and experts from various countries, our official website also displays the achievements and visions of Taipei’s water environment policy. The website has more than 100,000 views. All speakers at the forum shared governance experiences, phase results, and the summary of the conference will all be placed on the conference website  ( for reference by related units. Everyone is welcome to visit our website. 

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