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Sponge City

With the three visions of "Resilience and Adaptation", "Sustainable Water Usage", and "Vibrant Water Environment", Taipei has developed a safe, sustainable, water-friendly, and ecological blueprint for its Water Environment. It has also established six goals, which are "Restoring Urban Water Cycle", "Increasing Flood-Resisting Capacity", "Diverse Water Reuse Sources", "Stable and Efficient Water Supply", "Livable Natural Habitat" and "Promoting Waterfront Activities ". Through various engineering and management approaches, Taipei has devoted its self on constructing permeable pavements for roads and squares, increasing the ratio of green cover, promoting the idea of green roofs, improving water holdup and retention capacity, upgrading sewage treatment, diversify the reclaimed water utilization, restoring water habitat, and creating waterfront recreational environment. By doing so, Taipei will have the ability of water infiltration and retention which allows transpiration and regulation of the urban microclimate. Thus, it will have sufficient carrying capacity and resilience while facing extreme rainfall. By this to create a resilient Taipei sponge city which can respond to the future challenges.


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