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Water Culture in New Era International Forum 2020 –Let the World See Taipei

Deputy Mayor Zensheng Peng of Taipei City Government delivered a speech at the opening of the “Water Culture in New Era” on the 23rd September. He said that all metropolitan areas in the world are facing risks such as typhoons, heavy rains, droughts, and water pollution. Since Mayor Ko took office in 2015, the Taipei City Government has been promoting resilient, sustainable, smart, and livable city with the concept of Sponge City in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The results have been shown.

Taipei City, the industry, the Water Resource Agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, other levels of government and academic institutions are working hand in hand in various public policies and construction promotion. The 2020 TIWEF is based on the 2018 Taipei International Water Environment Forum and 2019 International Water Week. It is hoped that through forum exchanges, Taiwan and Taipei will be marketed internationally and let the world see Taiwan and Taipei. 

Taipei city will gradually implement the Sponge City policy through public-private collaboration, public participation, and setting goals. We plan to achieve 80% of the green infrastructure area of Taipei City’s public facilities by 2030, increase the urban water retention capacity to 1.15 million cubic meters. Reclaimed water production accounts for 16% of the target. According to the “Most Livable Cities” by the Economist magazine in 2020, Taipei City ranked 59th, which was improved compared to 2015.

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